SF Fleet Week

2017 SF Fleet WeekI have been attending Blue Angels air shows since the 1970s when they flew A-4 Skyhawks, often chasing them to airfields miles from home just to get a glimpse. Then I moved to the Bay Area and every year, the show would come to me.

Blue AngelsThis year, I decided to change things up. For the previous two years, I’d stake myself to the top of Telegraph Hill, which gets overflown at least two times during the show. But the views through the trees were getting more and more limited each year as the trees grew (as trees are wont to do). Moreover, the observed flight paths suggested that there could be views against the skyline from other vantage points. So I set myself the task of identifying a different location.

SF Fleet Week 2017Some google searches turned up a few candidates and I picked one, hoping for the best.

Let’s just say that I’ll likely be going back next year. And for that reason, the location shall remain a secret.

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