Hometown Tourist

Can you be a tourist in a town that you grew up in and went to college in? Sure; why not. So if you happen to be in Boston and are willing to try an adventure, head down to Long Wharf to catch the Salem Ferry.

Long Wharf
Salem Ferry Departure

Watch as the Boston skyline recedes in the distance as you speed your way at more than 30 knots to the dock in Salem.

Boston, Massachusetts
Boston Skyline

From there, it is a short walk (0.6 mi) to the Salem Witch Museum and an even shorter walk to the House of Seven Gables.

Rock lobster
Delicious lobster

From the Witch Museum, it is another half mile to the train station, where you can catch a train to Rockport.

Save your appetite so that you can properly gorge on the best lobster we’ve ever had at Roy Moore’s Fish Shack while watching clams spit water several feet high during low tide.

Sated, hop the train back to North Station and resume your regular programming.

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