Day Trip to San Francisco

When you are “chasing the dragon,” tenacity is a useful trait. With tenacity, you get an idea in your head and you don’t let go. To wit, take pictures of the Palace of Fine Arts at sunset.

Cow Girl Creamery @ SF Ferry BuildingFlipping BurgersBut how do you while away the day until sunset? In San Francisco, it’s easy. Simply start on one end of the city and work your way to the other. And with the Palace of Fine Arts on the western side, it’s easy to start on the eastern side at, say, the Ferry Building.

Re-opened in 2003 after an extensive four-year renovation, the Ferry Building now hosts a marketplace featuring a variety of shops and vendors including such destinations like Hog Island Oyster Co. , The Slanted DoorGott’s Roadside, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Cowgirl Creamery. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, there is also an extensive farmers market.

Palace of Fine ArtsIt is even a working ferry terminal, with departures to Oakland, Marin, and Vallejo.

In other words, you can easily kill several hours at the Ferry Building.

From the Ferry Building, you can catch a 24 muni bus nearby that will drop you off near the Palace of Fine Arts.

A Golden Golden GateArriving bit early before nightfall would set in over the iconic arches of the palace,  we walked down to Crissy Field East Beach to watch the sun set while people and their dogs frolicked along the shoreline.

As the sun set, it cast the sky aglow, presenting a fitting backdrop to the Golden Gate Bridge.

As the evening deepened, we headed back to the Palace of Fine Arts.

Palace of Fine Arts

Pay dirt.

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