Best Job Ever

Best Job Ever

Who would have thought that the crew of the Coast Guard Eurostar Dolphin that patrols the San Francisco  Bay would do what we all would if we got to ride along–take videos with your smartphone?

But there was the crewmember with his smartphone out taking pictures of all the tourists taking his picture as the Dolphin buzzed the Golden Gate and Chrissy Field.

Fort Point

Fort Point Light

Out scouting locations from which I could shoot the super blue blood moon, I haphazardly came to Fort Point at the literal end of the road. Having ruled out any of the sightlines that the location lent, I headed into the Fort to which I hadn’t been in more than 15 years.

Clearly, 15 years is too long.

Fort Point



San Francisco Iconic Views

The Golden Gate

We can’t really fault the tourists and sightseers who flock to the Marin Headlands to snap their overtly narcissistic self portraits selfies with the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco in the background; can we? After all, it’s views like this that make San Francisco.

Cavallo Point

Cavallo PointThough only a few miles across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, the Lodge at the Golden Gate—aka Cavallo Point—is worlds away.

Lounging in the settees, wrapped in fuzzy warm blankets under heat lamps if necessary, on the patio outside Farley Bar and Murray Circle Restaurant, the world’s cares slip away as you sip some lovely Sancerre and munch on freshly popped truffle popcorn all in view of the Golden Gate. The burgers and seasonal cocktails are pretty great too. Your only regret will be that you didn’t book a room or a massage at the spa and now have to drive yourself back to reality.

Day Trip to San Francisco

When you are “chasing the dragon,” tenacity is a useful trait. With tenacity, you get an idea in your head and you don’t let go. To wit, take pictures of the Palace of Fine Arts at sunset. Continue reading “Day Trip to San Francisco”

Cape Elizabeth and Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light

I got to Portland Head Light at 05:57. I was already late. By then, there were at least 10 other photographers  already here. One since 4:30. Clearly, I didn’t have my priorities straight, ranking sleep and warmth higher than the blue hour. Continue reading “Cape Elizabeth and Portland Head Light”

Rodeo Beach

IMG_1474Just north of the Golden Gate, tucked amongst the Marin Headlands, is Rodeo Beach, a prototypical, wind-swept, Northern California beach that calls more for winter parkas than skimpy swimwear. Every once in a while, though, the winds shift and the air temperature rises above “frigid” allowing you to shed the parka in favor of a wind breaker. Continue reading “Rodeo Beach”

Pier 7 Walkabout

It was a windy day that turned into a windy evening and night. Nonetheless, it was time for the annual December photo pilgrimage into San Francisco. And you know what they say about rain and snow.

Pier 7 Benches


Despite the wind, the views from Pier 7 and the buzz around the Embarcadero made the excursion worth it.

Pier 7 and Embarcadero Center

The holiday lights on the Embarcadero, swaying in the breeze, always add an extra touch of class.

SF Night