Capitol Reef National Park

UtahYears ago, I fulfilled my childhood dream of riding a motorcycle through the western United States. And inasmuch fun as I had riding along the twisties along US-16A through South Dakota , the best day ever was the journey from Blanding, Utah to Tropic through Capitol Reef National Park.

Hall's CrossingYou see, I did not get as far as I had hoped the previous day, having to duck in for the night as a passing thunderstorm started pelting me with pea-sized hail. To stay on schedule, I decided to “cut the corner” by taking the ferry at Halls Crossing across Lake Powell and then head up the Burr Trail to Boulder, thereby cutting off 100 miles or so.

Burr Trail RoadI was not certain, however, whether the road would be paved or not. My gps suggested that the Burr Trail was a major road. I, however, had my doubts, which were confirmed by the gas station attendant whom I interrogated while waiting in line behind folks running up $500 gas bills fueling up their motorboats.

Capitol Reef National ParkWhat followed involved crossing a few streams and stretches of the “road” covered by windblown sand, culminating in a series of switchbacks more akin to hiking trails than roadways.

I can’t wait to get back.

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