Cape Elizabeth and Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light

I got to Portland Head Light at 05:57. I was already late. By then, there were at least 10 other photographers  already here. One since 4:30. Clearly, I didn’t have my priorities straight, ranking sleep and warmth higher than the blue hour.

Portland Head LightSo with the sun rising, I dumped the car in the parking lot and ran toward the edge of land where I dove to the ground to lay my camera on the concrete parapet in lieu of a tripod to take the first shots of the morning.

I think living on the west coast is easier in many respects; one being that it is much easier to stay up for sunsets than it is to get up for sunrises.

But there I was running from one location to the other in the early morning hours out on Cape Elizabeth trying to find the right angle lamenting that my 5 am alarm was not early enough.Sunrise @ Portland Head Light

Coming about the western side of Portland Head Light, I was disappointed to find that the light from the lighthouse is directed out to sea keeping it from shining into more landward living rooms every 4 seconds. So I took the shot figuring that I could fake it in post.

Portland Head LighthouseFrom there, I moved toward the north side of the lighthouse where the fog horn comes into play, blasting anyone seaward of the lighthouse every 15 seconds; enough time for even idiotic photographers to approach and take a few quick photos before having to scurry away.

As the light got stronger, I could start seeing that there were trails out along the cliffs.


Following those trails, I discovered overlooks that provided the smart photographers that had been there since 04:30 with the money shots. By the time I got there, they were packing up.

Portland Head Lighthouse

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