Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 #2With temperatures finally within the comfortable range, we headed down to Brooklyn Bridge Park to watch the sunset.

On the way there, we stopped in one of the two Trader Joe’s in New York City. We thought we’d get some bottled water; but when we saw that the line for the cashiers snaked around the entire store’s perimeter like a snake eating its tail, we bailed on continued on our way.

Arriving at the park, you’d think that I had never grown up in New York given the googly-eyes with which I kept looking over the lower Manhattan skyline.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 #3With the light fading and our tummies rumbling, we headed back up into the heart of Brooklyn to snag some dinner at Rucola.

While waiting for a table, I spied the Tribute in Light overhead and resolved that I would have to go back down to Brooklyn Bridge Park after dinner for at least one more shot of the lower Manhattan skyline. And so with my belly full, I grabbed my gear and hiked back down to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The food at Rucola, by the way, was amazing; such a neighborhood gem.


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