Bodie State Historic Park

ChurchTucked out of sight in the mountains east of Bridgeport, California, Bodie State Historic Park lies among nondescript and bleak surroundings. Apparently there was gold there, though it remains a mystery to me what anyone was doing there in the first place to have discovered gold that was underground. Rumors of gold can seem to make mankind to do all sorts of things that would otherwise be considered foolhardy. Maybe some gold had washed down Bodie Creek–a seasonal flow of which there was no trace of during our visit–so it made sense to search further upstream.

History seems to substantiate that. Back then, folks like W.H. Bodie roamed around on horseback, stopped variously, dug holes, and then panned for gold among the dirt and rock, hoping to strike it rich.

Nowadays, we blow by the potential riches along the roadside to arrive in Bodie. There, the Peeping Tom in all of us comes out as you wander around, shading your eyes from the sun as you peer behind the curtains through the windows at the furnishings left in the still-standing structures as if the Rapture had taken place sometime in 1878 and we are the unlucky ones.

Downtown Bodie Leaning Tower of Bodie
School house Bodie Interior
Shell Station and Dodge Graham Bodie hotel

Frankly, it is pretty surprising that no one has yet poked their camera lens through the wafer-thin panes of glass.

Bodie, CA


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