Arches National Park (Part II)

Landscape ArchWe had only planned one night in Moab, so we had to make the most of our time in Arches National Park notwithstanding the lingering cloud cover. And while I’m sure that you can get completely lost in the wilderness, we stuck to the road and the “flatter” trails.

So after a hearty breakfast at Eklecticafe, we set back off into Arches National Park to hit the Devil’s Garden Trail out to Landscape Arch and then to Double O Arch.

Double O ArchThe clouds kept things cool but could not contain tempers as we lost the trail beyond Landscape Arch and bushwhacked our way to Double O Arch. At the arch, we “rediscovered” the trail back, but the damage had been done; we were beat and still had miles to get back.

The misadventure meant that we would not even attempt the hike to Delicate Arch, opting instead to drive to the viewpoint.

In a way, it all worked out.

Delicate Arch

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