Amador County

Plymouth, CaliforniaIf you ever find yourself in Plymouth, California, eat at Taste, stay at Rest, get the truffle potato chips from Amador Vintage Market and, taste all the Rhone varietals you’d like at the 40+ wineries in the Shenandoah Valley. You might as well make a weekend out of it.

Early spring is a good time. When we came for the weekend one March a few years back, it was almost as though the hills were screaming “We’re alive” as we drove along Shenendoah School Road. The green of the grass contrasted sharply with the stormy skies that threatened rain the whole morning; the battle between winter and spring playing out before your eyes, complete with rain, sleet, and even snow, followed by interludes of warm sun, all witnessed through our windshield as we munched on the aforementioned truffle potato chips, contemplating which winery should be next.

Sometimes, life can be tough.


Shenandoah Valley (California)             Shenendoah Valley

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