Pier 7 Walkabout

It was a windy day that turned into a windy evening and night. Nonetheless, it was time for the annual December photo pilgrimage into San Francisco. And you know what they say about rain and snow.

Pier 7 Benches


Despite the wind, the views from Pier 7 and the buzz around the Embarcadero made the excursion worth it.

Pier 7 and Embarcadero Center

The holiday lights on the Embarcadero, swaying in the breeze, always add an extra touch of class.

SF Night

A San Francisco Walk About

Union & OctaviaInspired by a blog post by  David Lebovitz about a visit to San Francisco and the places at which he’d eaten, I slavishly ventured out across the bay in classic “monkey-see; monkey-do” behavior to savior my own Roam Burger as he had.

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The Surfer and the FishermanTraveling on a budget typically entails traveling during the off season, or at least, shoulder season. The benefit is that flights and accommodations are typically cheaper. The downside is that the destination may effectively be shut down, particularly if it is a seasonal resort. Continue reading “OBX”

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

I suppose that if you are making a trip across the country in large part to visit one particular lighthouse, you’d be expected to take a ton of photographs of said lighthouse over the two days during which you are in the area. Continue reading “Cape Hatteras Lighthouse”